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Graphic Design Service Gets You Noticed!

See, it’s working for us the same way it will work for you. Pick a plan that fits.

Graphic Design Service for your business

There are a variety of graphic design service plans to choose from. Pick the best one to fit your budget. Currently, our company is building an entire team of artists and designers with experience in developing attractive digital marketing artwork for you to choose from. Furthermore, to keep it simple we tend to use some of the tools that will keep the process going fast and easy. Such as Canva. For more in-depth technical designs and original artwork, our design team is Adobe Certified.

Build your personal brand

Whether you have the time to or not, we can help you build your personal brand and learn how to quickly do it yourself. We are continuously filling up the library with diverse, relevant, and high-quality elements to meet our users’ needs. The next few pages summarise the variation of styles we often refer to.

Start with a logo

A logo not only establishes your identity, but it is also the artwork that defines your product or services to your audience.  We place a great deal of time and effort in creating a logo.  The reasons are Consistency, Brand Equity, and Saving you money!

First, SAVING YOU MONEY: We can’t tell you how many times we have had a client come in with a logo, poorly designed by a friend, which has no design principles and breaks most color theory rules.

How can we save you money?

By doing it right the first time.  Fresh Printz spends the time to learn about your business goals, your products and services, and the most important “your audience”.  Those who will be reacting to your logo.  By doing it right the first time, you will most likely not have to go back and change your logo – ever.  This means, no more re-branding your entire collection of business cards, forms, brochures, etc. anytime one of your non-designer employees changes your logo. In conclusion, our experience is our most valuable asset.


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